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    STAT Trade Times

    The STAT Trade Times, popularly known as STAT TIMES, is published every month and is a multimodal transport media publication dedicated to provide in-depth information in the field of Aviation, Shipping, and Transport & Tourism. The STAT Trade Times is the only multi modal transport news source that is appreciated and used by the decision makers for their commercial benefits since 1986. Aside from the print version, STAT TIMES has a website,www.stattimes.com, where important updates from the aviation industry are posted as Breaking News.

    Logistics Update Africa

    Logistics Update Africa is a bi-monthly magazine featuring news, editorials and analysis pertaining to the logistics and transport industry in Africa. LUA will be responsible for highlighting developments taking place in this new trade frontier of the world thereby opening up enormous opportunities for businesses locally and internationally.

    Indian Transport & Logistics News

    Indian Transport & Logistics News (ITLN) magazine is one of a kind media venture in India to create a high quality communication platform for both users and logistics service providers to interact and also fill the void of an authentic analytical logistics magazine in India.

    ITLN is the flagship magazine of The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT) India, with a membership of 35,000 CILT members worldwide. Contents include coverage of air, sea, and road & rail transport in general/bulk cargo.

    ACAAI News

    ACAAI NEWS is the official publication of Air Cargo Agents Association of India (ACAAI). ACAAI, the only national association representing the Indian air cargo industry, was founded in 1970. Beginning with just 16 members, ACAAI has grown to a strength of around 500 members today. These members include Indian air carriers, international airlines, GSSAs, GSAs and air cargo agents and commercial organizations.

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